I feel fortunate to have found the Newcastle Tai Chi School. Its membership is diverse in age, background and experience. Students are friendly and respectful, and the teachers, positive and supportive. This safe learning environment - testimony to Sifu Waller’s authentic leadership – offers generous access to truly uncommon knowledge.

I study Qigong with Rachel whose teaching of form is comprehensive with elegant explanations and adjustments. Recently, as a beginner Taijiquan student, I have also experienced Sifu’s incisive teaching. Sifu is an engaging teacher who openly imparts his hard-earned knowledge through deft demonstrations and lucid instruction.

The classes are excellent value for money and time well-spent. In my short time at the school, I’ve noticed improvements in my physical ability and mental awareness. I’m learning how to use my body optimally and as a result, glimpsing the vastness of its capabilities.


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