Who are we?

Kung fu instructor: Sifu Waller
Qigong and tai chi teacher: Rachel Waller
Teaching assistants: Marc Boivin, Karen Laws, Chris Young, Dr Ben Beattie, Dr David Cousins & Malcolm Berry
Volunteer coordinator: Chris Young
Social secretary: Dr David Cousins
Patrons: Mr Andrew Yeo & Mr Henry Kajan Anyie
Not a dancer but a wrestler: waiting, poised and dug in, for sudden assaults.

 (Marcus Aurelius)


One should have no intention to harm others, but should not lack the awareness to avoid being harmed by others.

 (Huanchu Daoren)


Sifu Waller is one of these men that you respect as soon as you meet him just by his behaviour. I remember the first time I entered his school I had been in the UK for 2 days, Rachel was very comprehensive and I felt very-well welcomed. Sifu is very invested in his art and knows what he is talking about. Going to this school is one of the most enriching experience I had so far. Many thanks to Rachel and Sifu.



Isn't tai chi just slow motion exercise?

No. Some of the training methods are slow, and some are not. As the student gains greater skill, their movements become fluid and dynamic. They move at whatever speed the situation demands.

Slow motion movement, chilled out exercise or dance cannot be considered tai chi.
 Tai chi is more than this. It adheres to certain parametersguidelines and rules of practice.