Krishnamurti: The first thing to find out, surely, is whether or not the mind can ever think clearly as long as it is confused. The fact is that whatever a confused mind seeks and finds must also be confused; its leaders, its gurus, its ends, will reflect this confusion, isn't it so?

Questioner: That's hard to realise.

Krishnamurti: It's hard to realise because of our conceit. We think we are so clever, so capable of solving human problems. Most of us are afraid to acknowledge to ourselves the fact that we are confused, for then we would have to admit our own utter insolvency, our defeat - which would mean either despair of humility.

Isn't it also a fact that choice indicates confusion?

Questioner: I don't understand how that can be. We must choose; without choice there is no freedom.

Krishnamurti: When do you choose? Only out of confusion, when you are not quite 'certain'. When there's clarity, there's no choice.


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