(i) Accuracy

Tai chi offers an opportunity to come to terms with making mistakes and also the experience of 'being corrected'.
The complex nature of the art demands a very unusual degree of accuracy.

A slight deviation from the necessary position can mean weakness and imbalance.

(ii) Concentration

Students learn to focus on what they are doing. They keep their mind on what is right in front of them.
For many people, this is a very challenging endeavour.
It will take considerable practice and patience.
And it cannot be forced...

Concentration is a necessary first step.

(iii) Mistakes

Some new starters become paranoid about making mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes, and not just in class. Our lives are littered with words and acts of foolishness. It is human.

You cannot avoid making mistakes.
But perhaps you can learn from them, grow and move on?

(iv) Corrections

Initially, your teacher must correct your tai chi.
The teacher corrects you because they care about your progress and your wellbeing.

In time, you learn to feel where the groundpath lies. You adjust accordingly.
You can also pressure-test your own framework and application by working with a partner.

Eventually, you learn how to correct your own practice.

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