Seeing the now

Imagine measuring the length of the UK coastline...

We use a mile-long ruler. The initial measurement is 7000 miles approximately.
However, the length of the ruler meant that a lot of the detail was missed.
So, we decide to use a smaller one.

We use a foot-long ruler. Now the coast is 7760 miles long.
By including the details, the in-between bits, the measurement has increased.

Clearly, if we used an inch-long ruler, the length would increase still further.

Can you see the point? The closer you look, the more detail you find.
Lao Tzu said that you can know the whole world without ever leaving your room.
If you want to truly come to terms with your tai chi, cease form collecting, cease striving and competing.
Searching far for what what you already have is futile.

Look at what is right in front of you. But do not force it. Be passive. Let the information come to you. See it.

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