I first became interested in tai chi about 6/7 years ago following some amazingly successful acupuncture treatment for a back and elbow injury.

I did attend a different tai chi class in Durham. I signed up for a terms evening class at a local comprehensive with my daughter who is a language teacher. After the first lesson my daughter confirmed my thoughts that this guy is hopeless. He was everything that Sifu Waller is not. He was late for class every week, there was no weekly agenda let alone syllabus and at the end of term he gave us a certificate indicating some proficiency in tai chi. Unfortunately it has coloured my daughters judgement of tai chi forever and although she lives out of the area now is not interested in joining any local tai chi class as she says her memories of the last class are enough. However I did find some of the science/physics most interesting and was determined to keep looking.

By chance I came across Sifu Waller’s class. So imagine my surprise and bewilderment when I walked into the hall on the first night to see people standing shaking, fighting with knives and newspapers, trying seemingly to beat each other with sticks, and performing these quite complicated movements quite easily. I thought that I could never do that but quickly realised that these people must have been like me and come into class cold at some time. I was quite fascinated and have remained so ever since.


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