Common misconceptions

Beginners seldom express wardoff internally.

Most students manifest the physical shape of wardoff without the internal energetic quality that makes it a jing.

Common misconceptions:
  1. stiff block
    - fundamental error in perception
  2. immovable
    - yielding is paramount. Without it, there is no taijiquan
    - strength vs strength is not taijiquan
  3. tension used rather than connection/groundpath
    - beginners-level error
  4. rigid legs, only turning hips
    - external attitude
    - stance too low
  5. not using bow stance
    - posture lacks 5 bows
  6. use of arms and shoulders
    - unite upper & lower timing sequence lacking
    - wardoff is not being produced by spiralling & rippling
    - power must rise up from the ground

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