What does your school offer?

Our school offers:
  1. Lineage
    - this is about who taught who
    - your instructor's knowledge can be traced through generations of teachers, right back to the founder
  2. An experienced instructor
    - Master Waller trained with Peter Southwood for 20 years
    - he has been teaching tai chi since 1995
    - he has been training martial arts since 1975

  3. A qualified instructor
    - Master Waller holds a post-graduate certificate of education
    - he is registered with The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain
    - he taught under Peter Southwood's close guidance and supervision for several years

  4. A fully-differentiated syllabus
    - a syllabus offers an incremental learning program that enables all students to become skilled at tai chi
    - the layers and levels of the syllabus are interlocking and interconnected
    - there is an ongoing accumulation of both knowledge and skill

  5. Assessment
    - regular, consistent, thorough assessment is essential to ensure quality and understanding
    - progress can be proven

  6. Grading
    - this ensures that all students study material appropriate to their own ability level

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