New starters often believe what they see in the movies. It looks so exciting...
They want this for themselves.
The student expects to walk away with awesome skills within a few weeks. After all, the man on YouTube can do it... why can't they?

Unfortunately, the student is typically unrealistic. They seldom consider:
  1. Their own level of fitness
  2. Their capacity to learn
  3. The scope of their ambitions
  4. How much work lies ahead of them
  5. How long it will take to learn the desired skills
Learning a martial art is not like buying a product in a shop.
You make it happen. You do the work.
Not the instructor.

It is common for a new starter to commence class with excited ambitions, only to falter almost immediately.
Martial arts schools expect a high turnover of beginners.
Few students have the resolve to endure the journey.
Most people never make it past the first step.