It is common to see new students attempting to jump ahead: trying out more complex skills prematurely.
This may be the result of enthusiasm.
Or it may be impatience.

Whatever the cause it usually results in failure.

Skills take time to cultivate, explore and understand.
There are no quick fixes, no shortcuts, no sudden enlightenment.

The danger with ignoring the step-by-step learning process is that you begin to follow the dictates of your own ego, rather than the direction of the instructor.
You are imposing your own agenda.
What you value and regard as being important is unlikely to coincide with the values of your teacher.

Be simple and methodical.
Follow every exercise and drill step-by-step.
Do not deviate.
Do not add or remove anything from the instructions provided by your teacher.

If you were capable of doing a more complex application, you would have been shown it in detail.