Straight sword form

The last form in the syllabus is a very difficult one to learn and will require an extensive commitment to practice.
This is a long, demanding form.

Performing the set accurately will be challenging enough.
Understanding how to manipulate the sword (jian) in combat is another area of study in its own right.

The main initial difficulty is the sheer weight of the weapon.
Its weight can range between 1-3lbs and will tax anyone who uses even a scrap of tension.
A student should start with a wooden sword (waster), then move onto wushu weight and eventually a real sword.
We do not recommend training with a sharp blade but it is an option if the instructor is seeking authenticity.

This type of sword is known as a 'tai chi' sword and is the trademark weapon of tai chi chuan.
True skill requires a massive foundation of knowledge, physical experience and dedication, so we only teach the straight sword form to indoor students.