Movie fu?

There is a specific art to "combat choreography" and film-makers actually study this in school. 
Also sometimes known as "stage fighting". 
The idea is that the techniques have to look good on camera, or on the stage. Mostly they employ big, overblown kicks and blows that the other guy can react to.

Camera angles or staging are set up so that the blow doesn't come anywhere near the other guy... Sometimes feet away. Because of the way the cameraman works, you can't tell. 

Also, each of these fight scenes is very carefully practiced and walked through and the set very carefully arranged so that there are pads to fall on and breakaway furniture to smash and so forth. 
In other words, there is nothing of reality here.... The whole thing is designed to look good to the audience. 
Real fights tend to be brief and take place at very close range.

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