Internal approach

An internal form is different to an external one.
Postures are like snap-shots, with the final position representing where the hands end up.
That final position is not the emphasis.
The emphasis is upon how you got there: which combination of body movements powered your frame.

Neigong cannot be incorporated fully into an external art because neigong requires the body to let-go and release stored tension.
Muscular usage must be imperceptible; at no time should you exceed 4 ounces of pressure.

Tai chi limbs are like boneless tentacles; heavy, loose, fluid yet connected.

No sense of strength should be felt by the student.
If you feel strong, then you're external and tense.
You should feel to be weak and yielding - which takes a leap of faith in the practitioner.

Only by letting-go can jing be released. How can it come out when you hold it in?

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