Lineage disciple

It is very common for tai chi students to imagine that private lessons and long-term practice with an instructor guarantees receipt of the inner teachings. This is naive.
Traditionally, the secret workings of an art were passed on to family members first. After family members, lineage disciples were the next consideration.
Everyone else was taught relative to their degree of commitment, and this seldom entailed the secret material.

A disciple of tai chi chuan is not an ordinary student. By definition, a 'disciple' follows and disseminates a teaching. In this case;
tai chi chuan.
The keenest students will be asked if they are willing to make the commitment to learn everything the master has to offer. A lineage disciple is responsible for keeping the art alive.

Not many students will get to be a lineage disciple. It is not a matter of playing favourites. It is a question of priorities and commitment. Ultimately, the choice lies with the student.
Anyone can become a lineage disciple. We do not discriminate.
Our evaluation is based on ability, attendance, attitude, progress and a willingness to pass on the teaching to others.

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