Picture a room filled with TVs all tuned in to different channels, all turned up loud...
The noise is distracting and the images overwhelming.
Try having a conversation in that room.
Try learning something.
Try paying attention to your own body.
Not so easy.
Yet, this is what most people's minds are like...
To use room of TVs as an example, meditation is about switching them off.
Once the noise is quiet, the mind is no longer filled with pointless distractions and the brain operates more effectively.
Constructive rest, formal meditation - guided (via a CD) or solo, and suggested reading (see reading list) can calm the mind.
They will help to quieten the mind.
If you invest the time.
A quiet mind is more physically aware.
You think more clearly and decisively.
Physical awareness amplifies.
You talk more slowly.
Distractions are less intrusive.
This is a good time for you to learn a new skill.

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