The longer I train the more I see in the web pages.
It's like peeling back the layers of an onion...although the words stay the same.  It's my experience and understanding that is evolving.  (And I have so much more to grow!!)

I enjoy working with people that are obviously further along the journey.  Especially people like Andy, who is such a nice guy but also at a higher level of the art.

And then training with you is another leap from there!

But training with Sifu is monumentally humbling. You get the impression that you are only still standing because he's decided you can learn more by being upright. 😊
Doing pushing hands with Sifu teaches so much and shows how much there is to learn.  It doesn't matter how much I feel I've progressed, I always feel like I've only just started! And yet Sifu is able to determine your level and be just out of reach rather than dominate.
For me that just fills me with the desire to learn more and to train for longer!

I always leave a session eager for the next one.

I want to say thank you to both you and Sifu for helping me on my journey and constantly challenging me.


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