If, like me, your desired outcome is to learn Tai Chi, then you will need a Tai Chi teacher who can practice what he teaches and can teach what he practices. Sifu Waller is such a person. If you want to practice for health, for fitness or as a martial art it is possible to do it all under his guidance. If you are content to remain a “beginner” forever or to totally immerse yourself in the art then the choice is yours.

The school is well organised, has a clear syllabus and at each class I receive individual feedback about specific aspects of my practice that I can work on between classes.

Sifu Waller’s wife Rachel is as committed as he is to teaching students. The classes are very business like with a clear expectation that you will work hard and make progress - yet at the same time they are relaxed and good fun.

Driving home after class I am always pleased to find myself in a heightened state of awareness, a most enjoyable state that is probably due to the meditative aspects of the practice. The usual constant stream of thoughts is slowed down to a dribble and I notice things previously deleted from my consciousness. I’m anticipating that the more I progress the more “awake” and “here and now” I will be able to be more of the time.

I was attracted to Newcastle Taichi School after searching the internet for local classes and coming across their website. If you are looking for an excellent teacher and want to make positive changes in all areas of your life then don’t just listen to me, I’ve started my journey, I’m seriously biased - check out the website yourself, be aware, however, that members of the school have access to a fuller, vaster website.

The website has a reading list and wider study in Taoism, personal development and martial arts is encouraged. I have always found books useful tools for learning and the website along with the recommended reading is enhancing the whole experience for me.

There is a saying that the person with the most choices in any given situation is the one most likely to get what he or she wants - the choices available at the Newcastle Tai Chi School so comprehensively cover every aspect of Tai Chi and Taoism that if you join and make use of what is on offer you will get what you want. I am.

(Peter Hobson)

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