All show and no substance

I look at the wedding photos of people I know and the events are so over-the-top. Many of these people are now having marital issues, are in couples therapy, or more sadly... separated/divorced.

When Sifu and I got married my brother looked at the photos and commented that our wedding was "beyond simple". To him, there seemed little point in getting married if you don't put on a big, flamboyant show.

Two of my old friends told Sifu about their so-called simple wedding, but when quizzed, admitted to stag night, hen night, big meal, fancy country hall, evening do and a band.

I think that the problem with modern culture is this need to show-off all the time. When we were married, our only interest was in saying our vows in front of our friends and family. That was the whole point of the event.

18 months later and our marriage remains awesome. We're closer than we imagined possible and have so much fun together.

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