Fit & healthy?

Fitness and health are not necessarily the same thing at all.
A person may run the marathon but eat junk food, drink caffeine and smoke.
Many athletes have very tense muscles and a decided lack of composure.

People punish their bodies on the road to fitness.

Fitness is usually result-oriented, and the means is ignored - the body is made to perform, regardless of any adverse biofeedback.
This is not healthy at all.
Running the marathon is meaningless if it damages your knees or you have a heart attack.

Health is different to fitness: it involves a physical, mental and emotional balance that transcends any one activity.
Place wellbeing before fitness:
  1. Eat the right types of food (avoid additives, junk food, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine)
  2. Get rest and relaxation
  3. Exercise comfortably and naturally
  4. Feel happy and well-adjusted
You might well be healthy but not overly fit.