Foot work

People often think that the Yang Cheng Fu style of tai chi chuan involves poor footwork.
This observation no doubt arises from watching the slow motion Classical Yang form; which is indeed quite ponderous and involves no nimble footwork whatsoever.

It is important to remember that this form is just the first of a number of Yang Cheng Fu forms.
As a student works through the weapons forms, pao chui and the numerous partnered drills and training methods, their feet become agile and swift.

The careful footwork of the Yang Cheng Fu slow form is deliberate.
It trains central equilibrium, economy of motion and strategic stepping.
Essentially, you only step when and if you have to.
This reduces the tendency to 'bounce', dither or otherwise alert the opponent's nervous system.

For yielding/shuai jiao to work against an opponent, the student must learn when and how to step.
Superfluous footwork wastes time and energy.
Small circle responses are cultivated; with the minimum amount of effort being employed at any given time.