Take control

Instead of allowing society to manipulate your mind, take control of what you are exposed to:
  1. Media
    - media is easy to avoid: only watch the programs or DVD's you feel will be healthy for your mind and emotions. 
    - be ruthlessly selective.
    - do not watch the news. Recognise that the news is a commodity, a product. It is sold to you. And like any commodity it is tailored to suit the market.
    - stop reading news, gossip and anything that makes you feel emotionally unsound (envious, frustrated, depressed, anxious, fearful, helpless, angry etc).

  2. Advertising
    - be cautious with advertising.
    - think carefully about what you want to do or buy.
    - advertising is a very clever field of business and it will manipulate people any which way it can.

  3. Switch-off the toys
    - video games, mobile phones, the web all serve to foster unease and unrest.
    - put your phone on silent or better yet switch it off when you return home.
    - switch your contract to pay-as-you-go: it will allow you to control spending and be more frugal.
    - avoid gimmicks: a phone is a telecommunication device not a multimedia centre.

  4. Consumerism
    - avoid debt.
    - avoid the lure of consumerism: there is more life than buying goods.
    - do not shop unless you have a specific agenda in mind.
    - think long-term: but things that last and avoid fashion.
    - every penny you spend needlessly is cutting into your earnings.
    - invest rather than squander.

  5. Diet
    - eat healthy food, avoid sugar.
    - feel your mind become calmer and more aware.

  6. Read
    - read books that expand your consciousness, that challenge your preconceptions.
    - encourage your mind to grow in new directions.
    - make time to read every day.