Higher-level Instructor

Most tai chi instructors are Tai Chi Exercise Teachers.
Very few can teach tai chi chuan; the martial art.

Instructors with greater skill are less common in the UK:
  1. Tai Chi Expert
    - 20 years tai chi chuan study
    - 10 years teaching experience
    - 10,000 hours of practice
    - extensive, versatile combat skills
    - form (stage 2): Yang Cheng Fu, sabre, cane, staff, walking stick, jian, pao chui (or equivalents)
    - form (stage 3): Yang Cheng Fu
  2. Tai Chi Master
    - 30-40 years martial arts experience
    - 20 years teaching experience
    30,000 hours of tai chi practice
    - all forms (stage 5)
    capable of teaching other Instructors
  3. Tai Chi Grandmaster
    - must have taught an extensive number of Instructors
    - be in a position of significant responsibility within a school
    - have influence within the wider tai chi/martial arts community

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