Ten years ago I gave up full time work to work part time. I felt the need for more time for myself and to improve my fitness and health. I was looking for a form of exercise which would fulfil these goals and thought tai chi would suit me. I looked for a tai chi class locally and tried a few but found they were not what I wanted. Basically the classes were too large and there seemed to be no development of skills or structure in the teaching, merely waving your arms about.

Nine years ago I found a class run by Master Waller. This changed my whole outlook. Students are in uniform and there are people actively teaching the syllabus and practicing. There is a very comprehensive program of study to work through.

I did a 'self defence intro' recently and really enjoyed the training. We were not taught to believe that we were now competent at self defence. That would be an unreasonable expectation. However, we were taught some simple strategies to use should we ever find ourselves in a vulnerable position, and they would work, as we proved on each other! So, not only useful, but good fun also.

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