Intermediate training

The intermediate student must expand their taijiquan by learning a wide range of basic combat skills, form and drills.
 By working directly with Master Waller they slowly come to understand the subtlety of the art.

 Although much of the training now involves more complex partner work, the martial skills being explored are fairly rudimentary.
By practicing pushing hands every lesson, the student becomes increasingly sensitive, present and alert.

 The onus is upon learning applications and discovering the art through doing rather than talking.
 A scientific attitude is cultivated; with the student invited to adopt an experimental attitude; finding out for themselves what works, how and why.

 Instead of 'spacing out' , they start to feel.
 Rather than assert their ego and vanity, they begin to see things from a greater perspective and the seeds of humility and patience are planted.

Although intermediate students are not formally assessed, progress requires regular consultation with Master Waller, along with feedback and corrections.

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