When the presents have been opened and the food eaten, it is tempting to wonder if Christmas was really worth all that fuss...
Why bother making the effort?

Taoism addresses this question.
Verse 5 of The Way and Its Power - Straw Dogs:
The samurai thought about it too:

Taoism and the samurai both felt that a full, rich life entailed immersing oneself fully.
No trepidation or half-heartedness.
They advocated complete commitment and resolve; knowing full well that one day we will die.
After all, what alternative is there?
Should we lie in bed all day? Not shower? Not shave?
Life will continue whether we live it or not.
Tai chi encourages us to embrace life and enjoy these fleeting moments. They are important, albeit ephemeral.
The quality of our life can be measured not in terms of money and possessions but rather in its fullness and its joy.

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