A tai chi school

• Professional instruction from a qualified instructor
• Fully-differentiated syllabus • 13 areas of study
• Address individual health concerns & training requirements, 
tips & pointers, refinement & corrections, one-to-one assessment/feedback/guidance
• New material every week
• Access to on-line resources and school DVDsworkshops, boot camp and class social events
• Complete biomechanical understanding of form, along with exploration and application of The Tai Chi Classics
• Opportunity to study multiple taijiquan forms
chin na (seizing), shuai jiao (take downs), self defenceform applicationsweapons training, neigong (whole-body strength), jing (whole-body power), TaoismZenmartial theory & practical application, taijiquan principlesmeditationbrain work (meditationawareness, metacognition)
This level of study is not going to happen via a drop-in class...

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