I have several friends who studied in the Cheng Man Ching tradition of tai chi chuan.
These people have as the foundation and trademark of their art the tai chi set that was modified and shortened by Cheng Man Ching.
They are very meticulous concerning the choreography of that set: fingertips level with the eye, just so far away from the body,the weight exactly seventy percent on one foot, thirty percent on the other.
Typically there is no deviation.
There is also a pride and certain arrogance in having studied with the man who many consider the authority, the lineage holder (although the Yang family disagrees) of Yang Cheng Fu's style of tai chi chuan.
Yet none of the disciples come close to what Cheng Man Ching could do, and all seem unwilling to explore outside the dogma of their teacher's teaching.

(Ron Sieh)

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