The silent flute

Inspired by Krishnamurti's teachings, Bruce Lee developed a story which eventually became a film called The Silent Flute.
The film was about a martial artist who seeks truth. Instead of finding 'truth' he found himself.

One can function freely and totally if he is 'beyond system'.
The man who is really serious, with the urge to find out what truth is, has no style at all.
He lives only in what is.

(Bruce Lee)

The silent flute symbolised an inner rhythm; an inexpressible essence within each of us.
It is our own harmony with tao. Beyond words and thought, there is something that makes you uniquely you.

The film teaches us that the journey is what matters; the journey within.
Everyone is different and must find their own way.

In our school, we explore tai chi together and encourage students to learn through experience.
Once the fundamentals have been discovered, guidance and obstacles are presented.
The student is responsible for their own progress.

We offer the small circle, small frame Yang Cheng Fu form and encourage students to adhere to the correct sequence.
How they apply it is up to them providing they follow the tai chi principles and it works in combat.

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