Long distance learning

No matter what anybody tells you, you cannot become a tai chi instructor courtesy of a long-distance learning course.
Think it through...

If the certifying body is based in America and you live in the UK, how much of your teaching can they witness?

To teach English in a UK school, you need:

  1. English GCSE
  2. Literature A-level
  3. Literature BA degree
  4. English PGCE
How many years will it take to acquire these qualifications?

To drive a car, many lessons are required... but are you now fit to teach others how to drive?
Can you speak fluent Spanish after a year of lessons?
Can you teach Spanish?

Tai chi is a complex martial art.
It takes between 3-5 years for a keen student to get a black belt in any martial art.
After you have passed 3 black belts you may be considered fit to instruct, providing you have the necessary disposition and skills.

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