If you doubt the credibility of your instructor, ask for proof:

· How long have they been practicing tai chi?
· Who was their teacher?
· How long have they been teaching?
· Is the instructor following a syllabus?
· Do they possess any kind of recognised teaching qualification (i.e. PGCE)?
· Can they demonstrate these discreet skills effortlessly and spontaneously against a range of unrehearsed attacks?
· Do they understand 13 postures, 4 ounces, yielding, softness, neigong?
· Are they able to explain their skills and then demonstrate what they mean?
· Can you attack a high-level student and see what skills they possess?
· Can you talk with a high-level student about the teacher, the art and the class?

Learn how to judge the quality of the teacher.
Be polite about it, and accept that you may get roughed-up.
A skilled instructor should leave no doubt in your mind that they know what they are doing.

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