I exchanged emails with Master Waller before his first Newcastle class and was there for the first night. I had done tai chi before with some very impressive teachers who all seemed to have very mediocre students (including me). I was sick of sifus that showed off, couldn't or didn't want to teach and who weren't into self defence. Like it or not, practically all aspects of tai chi can be faked by someone who has read a few books and practiced some choreography, except self defence.

Master Waller was very friendly at the start but I have noticed he has become a little more serious as the required skills have increased. As a teacher I am continually impressed with his teaching system, resources and the time he takes with classes. I often feel like emailing him to thank him for another outstanding lesson but a) this could happen most weeks and b) I do actually feel guilty for not being a good enough student.

(Tim Middleton)

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