Render incapable

If you can deter an attacker without harming them, this is preferable.
It is legally and morally appropriate.

Self defence meets the needs of the situation, rendering the attacker incapable of further assault.
This can be accomplished in a number of ways:
  1. Shuai jiao
    - take the attacker to the floor using grappling skills
  2. Chin na
    - there are 4 areas of skill that enable you to compromise the attacker
  3. Fa jing
    - a spontaneous release of energy
  4. Floorwork (control)
    - taking someone to the floor expediently and smoothly, maintaining stickiness
  5. Gravity strike
    - a heavy, soft strike that can be delivered easily and comfortably using almost any body part
  6. Projections
    - taking someone to the floor by expressing energy
Ideally, your response should be effortless to perform, but have a significant and meaningful effect.

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