Physical intelligence

Physical intelligence is the ability to move well, to listen to and acknowledge what your body is telling you.
It is necessary to cultivate an understanding of:

Biomechanics (the study of the structure and function of biological systems)
Kinaesthetic awareness (knowing where your arms and legs, hand and feet, head, etc, are and in what position without having to look at them)
Proprioception (the sense of the relative position of neighbouring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement)

This entails a great deal of physical sensitivity and awareness.
Rather than impose your will upon your body; learn how to listen to it.
Is your body tense?

You must learn to distinguish between what you think and what is physically occurring.
Your mind may desire and think certain things, in complete disregard of your body.
An example of this is people who claim to be happy as a couple yet physically demonstrate extremely aversive body language.

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