Femininity & feminism...

'Femininity' means accentuating your gender. Wearing clothing, make-up etc that flatters your form and colouring, behaving in a manner congruent with being a woman.

'Feminism' is a tricky one. Yes, we want to be treated equally. Everyone does. But we don't want to have to dress and act like a man in order to accomplish this. I guess that Margaret Thatcher serves as an example of feminism-gone-wrong. In the UK she was caricatured in the 1980's; portrayed as a woman who had turned into a man.

When I see other women in my everyday life, so many have adopted the body language, mannerisms, facial expressions and gait of men. They look like transvestites. Is this a mean thing to say? No; it's just an observation.

I don't think that women should totter around in fluffy, high heeled shoes.... but becoming men seems to somehow defeat the point of equal rights. Is equality to be interpreted as 'the same as men'? This seems silly, since we're not. We are different, and if we can't have equality as women, what exactly is the point?

This ties in with the 'science of the essence', and 'te'; where power comes from being true to our inherent nature.

R x

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