Just ordinary

Taoism is not about belonging to a group or identifying yourself with some concept.
It is concerned with removing the barriers between yourself and everything else around you.
The danger of using a word such as 'taoist' is that names are misleading.

If a person considers themselves to be a 'taoist', in the same way that other people call themselves a Buddhist or a Christian or green or vegetarian - then they have missed the point.

Zen and tao are about losing your sense of 'self'. It is not about you.
Seeking to be somebody different or special is one way of hiding from the reality of yourself.

Strictly speaking there is no such thing as a taoist, nor could you consider yourself to be taoist.
Taoism is not an approach, method or doctrine - so there is nothing to actually identify yourself with.
A person who can intuit tao is just ordinary, natural and genuine.

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