Projecting a larger self

One myth is the lie that you can successfully project a larger self.
People are misled by advertising (the source of many insecurities) into believing that ownership will enable you to present a larger, more noteworthy self.
This is simply not true.
It is what it is: an attempt to play on your insecurities by enticing you to spend more money.

A big car, a fancy phone, a rare breed of dog. These are no more than they appear to be. 
Imbuing them with greater significance is false.
A car is (and only can be) a car. No matter how big, expensive, fast or fancy it is. 
It is not an extension of self. You will discard any car in favour of a bigger/better/newer model or if it runs out of fuel, or when you reach the end of your journey.

Objects/things are functional. They are not part of you. They serve a pragmatic purpose. 
There is no need to be emotionally and psychologically invested in them.