Shido-geiko: having respect

(i) Respect

Treat all students with respect:

When you are in the role of the more skilled partner, remember what it was like when you were on the other side. 

Treating your partner with condescension or in a manner that can make him believe you are toying with him and are eager to be finished so you can go off and practice with others who can put up more of a fight is a sure sign of a senior who is that in name only.

It is very difficult to train with integrity and sincerity against an opponent you know you can defeat easily. Remember that your sensei achieves this constantly and readily.

(Dave Lowry)

(ii) Set the example

If your conduct is not exemplary, you will cease to have any authority in our class.
Be clean, polite, courteous, considerate and firm.

A shido-geiko student should never need to be disciplined, nor should they neglect their own practice.