Brian is studying taijiquan.

1. When did you start Newcastle Tai Chi?

I started the class as far as I am aware in 2005.

2. How old are you (approx)?

I’m 38 years old.

3. Why Newcastle Tai Chi?

Well to be honest I lived in Wallsend and was looking for a tai chi class local to give a go and this one sounded the best.

4. What is good about the school?

The school has a friendly approach to the art and let’s people take things as slow or as fast as they would like. Whether that is for health reasons or to learn taijiquan.
Master Waller’s skills are immense and it is a privilege to be taught at such a high level.

5. Has it affected your day-to-day life?

It has certainly affected my way of life physically and psychologically. I had suffered from a hip problem for years and it hasn’t bothered me for years now. I believe this is because I have trained my posture correctly through the exercises taught by Master Waller.
Also I see the world differently now, a lot calmer and relaxed...

6. Do you study taijiquan with the school? (if yes, what do you think of it?)

The taijiquan training is intense and not for everybody but if you put the time in you will quickly become skilled in an art that is an extremely effective self defence mechanism.

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