Marc is studying taijiquan.

1. When did you start Newcastle Tai Chi?

 I started in 2009.

2. How old are you (approx)?

I'm about 30 years old.

3. Why Newcastle Tai Chi?

A friend introduced me to the class.

4. What is good about the school?

One of the good thing about the school is the atmosphere of respect and camaraderie. It is good to feel safe when practicing a martial art.

5. Has it affected your day-to-day life?

It has affected my day to day life in the fact that I'm more aware of how I use and misuse my body on a daily basis which is particularly relevant to me because I have a physical job. It has also helped me to remain calmer in certain stressful situations.

6. Do you study taijiquan with the school? (if yes, what do you think of it?)

I study taijiquan with the school and never cease to be amazed at the simplicity and efficiency of the material. The syllabus is extremely vast and challenging, and it is made accessible according to your level of skills which allows you to make steady progress.

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