Sylvia is studying tai chi for health & fitness, neigong, philosophy, qigong and health-only weaponry.

1. When did you start Newcastle Tai Chi?


2. How old are you (approx)?

I am now in my seventies and feel very healthy and well.

3. Why Newcastle Tai Chi?

Ten years ago I gave up full time work to work part time. I felt the need for more time for myself and to improve my fitness and health. I was looking for a form of exercise which would fulfil these goals and thought tai chi would suit me.

I looked for a tai chi class locally and tried a few but found they were not what I wanted. Basically the classes were too large and there seemed to be no development of skills or structure in the teaching, merely waving your arms about.

Nine years ago I found a class run by Master Waller. This changed my whole outlook.

4. What is good about the school?

Newcastle Tai Chi is run on a very professional basis with plenty of opportunities for personal development. The staff are friendly as are all the students. The atmosphere is good and all students are willing to help each other. This is particularly true with new starters.

I follow the health-only syllabus which also includes the opportunity to learn stick and sword drills, so is quite varied.

The Newcastle Tai Chi
website is a huge resource for the students of the school, and is available at any time for our development, both physical and mental, if we choose to use it.

5. Has it affected your day-to-day life?

I am very surprised at how physically strong I am and put this down mainly to tai chi. I have learned to use my body in a more intelligent way and suffer fewer back and knee injuries.
I have my own allotment which I work with two friends, and am a (fair weather) cyclist.
Mentally, I have found spiritual benefits by becoming calmer and relaxed.

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