What is self defence?

Self defence is the ability to protect yourself from harm: physically, mentally and emotionally.
It is not about fighting.
The aim of self defence is to incapacitate the attacker, not score points, win trophies or trade blows.

Tai chi chuan students:

• Gain confidence
• Avoid entanglement
Find alternatives to panic
• Become mobile and nimble
• Learn how cope with gangs
Become playful and creative
• Learn how to manipulate balance
• Learn how to disarm an opponent
Discover how to see situations differently
• Learn how to adapt, change and improvise
• Learn how to strike rapidly and effectively

• Understand how to use the human body to their advantage
• Learn how to use everyday objects as improvised weapons
• Learn how to lever joints, apply pressure and seize painfully

Protecting yourself from harm has nothing to do with fighting or sport.

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