Internal training methods

Newcastle Tai Chi classes begin in a different way.
Our aim is to relax the body, release muscle tension, i
ncrease postural awareness, develop good body use, cultivate whole-body movement and bring the mind to the present moment.
Every exercise is designed to teach peng, jing, 13 postures and the use of the mind rather than force.
No one is breathing hard.

The principles and movement habits explored during the first part of class are then employed in the practice of form.
Students quietly move through the various forms in our syllabus, receiving corrections, tips & pointers, insights, applications and new movements.

The last part of class addresses the application of these same principles with a partner.
There are many martial drills, sensitivity exercises and self defence skills to acquire.

Throughout the evening the mood is calm and stress-free.
Every aspect of the lesson is integrated and layered; with each student actively learning 'internal' skills.

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