On-line Hanwei sword sellers in the UK

I've recently had very frustrating dealings with the UK sword suppliers for Hanwei: Oriental Weapons. The Knight Shop and Barringtons.

They all seem to get their weapons from an unknown 3rd party, and are in effect merely middle men.
All sites display swords for sale that they neither stock nor can necessarily get hold of.

Whilst all are very polite and helpful when questioned, and do provide a professional service, Oriental Weapons and Barringtons don't necessarily stock the products they list on their site as being available.
Yes, Oriental Weapons do say to e-mail before ordering but it doesn't change the fact that this seems a little like false advertising.

To their credit, The Knight Shop site at least provides an accurate indication of whether or not they can obtain a sword for you in 2-5 days.

If these sword sellers showed an accurate range of:

1. What they actually hold in stock
2. What they can get hold of

their shop window might be quite barren indeed.


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