What do I do next?

It is common for a new starter to be shown a small portion of a self defence scenario and then wonder what happens next.
They are concerned that the facet they are working on would not be enough in real-life self defence.
This is a valid concern.

However, consider this: you cannot be taught everything all at once.

Tuition must be incremental.
Just like in school.
You learn the alphabet, vowels, words, sentences, paragraphs and so on.
No one starts primary school studying Chaucer.

So, as a new student just keep your mind on what you are doing right now.
In 40 years of martial arts training there is a fair chance that Master Waller has accrued the experience to know what to do next.
But, until you have learned the alphabet, how exactly can he convey it to you?
Understanding requires context.

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