Self defence feedback #6

This weeks self defence training was concerned with observing how an opponents balance can be taken when their feet are in certain positions. This proved useful in understand how the legs correspond to the shape of the body. The illusion of strength and security even in a bow stance, you are vulnerable.

Finally the course was concluded with some Chin Na applications. This proved exceptionally effective. I learned the value of not over thinking at this stage in my studies as this will only be a hinderance in application. ‘The money rub’ required no ‘force’ in the traditional sense, but rather with an increase in focus you can inflict a significant amount of pain. Thankfully in class this was very temporary.

All in all, the self-defence training is proving to be very useful and enjoyable. Clearly, there is a lot more to learn. The experience is definitely enhancing my understanding of Tai Chi.  

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