Hip kwa

The kwa is located at the top of the leg and joins the leg to the hip.
As you move, the groin/hip crease will open and close naturally.
We need to move by opening and closing the hip joint rather than swaying the hips from side-to-side.

There are other parts of the body that could be considered 'kwa' because every joint is held in place by connective tissue.
As the muscles of the torso and legs combine with the weight shift and spine to generate movement, the kwa throughout the body should all open and close.

Moving with kwa entails the storing and releasing of energy caused by the opening and closing of the joint.
It occurs because the torso turns, rather than in the localised joint itself.

The hip joint is not the hip kwa.
The hip joint moves far less than the hip kwa does. Our aim is to spiral through the soft tissue of the body, not through the joint.

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