The power, the virtue of the female is found in being a woman; rather than emulating the characteristics of a man.
Hence, a woman is balanced by being womanly. Masculinity of manner or dress is seen as discordant with the essence of a woman.
The same principle applies to men.

You cannot be other than what you are, and any attempt to change your innate qualities is considered futile.
Taoism sees strength in being true to what you are, in following your own nature.

This is part of wu wei; going with the flow.
Wu wei explores how power can be gained by keeping to the grain rather than going against it.
When travelling in water, it is simpler to be carried along than to fight the current.

In taoism, people seek to take this one step further by asking what they can do to capitalise upon the virtue.
What can they do to improve their harmony with the flow?
In water, it might mean using a sail.
With people, it could be attire or a consideration of posture and speech.
The art of feng shui specialises in this skill.

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