Exploring self defence in our classes

Our martial students study a wide range of proven self defence fighting skills:
• Disarm an opponent
• Gain 
 See situations differently• Avoid entanglement• Avoid panic when faced with the unexpected
• Become mobile and nimble
• Use everyday objects as improvised weapons
• Understand how to use the human body to your advantage
• Cope with gangs
Adapt, change and improvise
• Strike rapidly and effectively

• Manipulate balance
• Lever joints, apply pressure and seize painfully
• Gain situational awareness
• Understand the nature of commitment and the value of non-commitment 
• Use gravity to your advantage
• Read body language, dress code and manner
• Deal with intimidation
• Maintain composure when working with others
• Give up the need for control and go with the flow
• Cultivate your sensitivity; feel rather than think
• Protect yourself from kicks whilst on the ground
• Use distraction advantageously

Rachel teaches women-specific self defence as an optional extra...

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