Tai chi works in a way that is completely opposite from many forms of dance, specifically ballet. It seems that more and more people interested in dance and movement are turning to Eastern forms of movement as they search for a richer and more supple expression.

(Liz Koch)


Baguazhang addresses the experience of combat in a different way to tai chi.
The student avoids direct confrontation by circling around the opponent or by encouraging the attacker to circle around them.

Momentum and flow are used to overcome strength. The aim is to draw the attacker out of their centre and off-balance.


Self defence?

When most people think of taijiquan they don't think of self defence at all.

Some people have sentimental visions of large groups of people engaged in harmonious dance and expect to learn those same skills in the first lesson. Others want you to take their problems away; perfect health and a trouble-free life.

It would be so much easier if the public perception of taijiquan reflected the true nature of the art. Studying taijiquan without neigong and self defence is like buying a car that has no engine.



What I really like about the class is it’s friendly atmosphere with excellent teaching and a clear syllabus that means everyone makes progress. It’s challenging but accessible. Everything is explained to the level you want and obviously Sifu Waller really demonstrates what is possible in the art.