Leaders live in big houses,
while the fields are full of weeds.
The granaries are empty,
while the rich wear the latest fashion.
People carry weapons and eat and drink to excess.
Their riches are stolen from the poor.

(Lao Tzu)




Concentration has its place, but in terms of meditation and self defence, it is not desirable.
A more appropriate skill is 'attention'.

Attention is the ability to have awareness without shutting out everything else.
It is about being one with the moment; present and alert. 
There is no process of isolation or exclusion.
You are being mindful.



Tai chi chuan self defence is unlike other martial arts.
It possesses a strange kind of serenity, a detachment from the event.
This is accomplished conversely by being utterly immersed in the moment, in the happening.

An attack is launched and the student is one with that movement - joining and neutralising, flowing and countering. There is no effort. No resistance or struggle.

Conventional strength is unnecessary, for we do not challenge strength or allow no strength to be exerted upon us.

Every movement and every nuance is a whole-body action. No part leads and no part is left behind.
Even the smallest step is integrated and soft, agile and alive. The student is alert and sensitive to everything.